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Dublin City Psychotherapy

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Dublin City Psychotherapy provides leading psychotherapy services Dublin and Ireland has to offer. You can check out my website at this link https://www.dublincitypsychotherapy.ie/. Claire Hawkes is one of the leading psychotherapists in Dublin. I provide a discreet, professional, and non-judgmental counselling service to all those in need. The services I provide include addictions, bi polar, anxiety, eating disorders, life challenges, borderline states, relationship issues, trauma, stress, panic attacks, workplace problems, and life stage concerns. If you have any of these issues and need some guidance and support please give me a call, I am here for everyone. I provide unique guidance and support through a psychoanalysis approach to understanding the mental health in Ireland. I aim to assist you with any difficulties in your life and give you the strength and knowledge to work through them in the future. All services are delivered in high standards and very affordable prices. I have many years of experience working in mental health sector in Ireland. Get in touch with me today if you would like to book an appointment and let's get you started today.  
Phone: 01-5653951

Business Email: links@dublincitypsychotherapy.ie


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  • ที่อยู่ : 1-2 Lower Leeson Street
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  • เบอร์โทรศัพท์ : 01 5653951
  • Email : dublincitypsychotherapy12@gmail.com

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